Traditional vs Digital Advertising: and the Winner Is..

If there is one issue that has been at the forefront of the advertising industry’s collective consciousness over the last few years it is to do with the word “digital”. Advertisers, agencies and media owners have been attracted and at the same time scared off by it. Nevertheless, there is no denying that the word Digital and all it represents is here to stay.
According to many studies the value of internet advertising will probably overtake that of TV by 2010, the mobile phone is
becoming, if not man’s best friend, then certainly someone he likes to spend a lot of time with. The digital revolution is in full swing. The question is how do advertising agencies make full use of the digital capabilities and who has the right approach?
What everyone aims to achieve is a successful multimedia campaign: one that crosses platforms to reach consumers on TV and in print as well as on digital platforms.
“For me, 360 campaigns are the great campaigns,” says Jimmy Maymann, chief executive of GoViral, a digital media agency. “They are the ones where you’re not just thinking about how the idea will work as a TV spot but how it might work on a social networking site like Facebook or how it can work with a tool like [social bookmarking service] del.icio.us.”
The bigger question is, what is the creative approach to a multi-platform idea? And what platform, if any, takes precedence?
“I think that sort of thing is challenging a lot of creatives to think about how they approach their work,” says Maymann. “There’s no doubt that TV commercials have been the priority. And I’m not saying that traditional media is going to go away, because of course it’s still very important, but we need to open our minds a little bit and consider what it takes to cut through some of the new channels.”
Much has been made of the new digital agencies taking on the established, tried and tested TV and print agencies.
But are the digital agencies able to compete on the ideas front and can the traditional agencies catch up technologically? What’s becoming apparent is that for either to succeed, there needs to be a meeting of minds.
The creative director at a brand entertainment agency, says that there is a key difference between what his agency and a “traditional” agency does. “Traditional agencies produce advertising and what we do is produce content. Advertising is a TV commercial, a radio commercial, a printed poster, but what we do is create content which can be a TV show, a live music event or a digital asset which might be a computer program or a widget.”
The general feeling on how digital creativity will progress is one of co-operation and of employing media neutral ideas. “It doesn’t matter if something goes in a website, or a social networking site or if it goes on TV. We just need to engage people and we need to do it in different ways.”
Post by D. G. Mavros, in Hot Business Issues.

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