Business Blogging: It isn’t easy, it may be risky but it’s worth every penny.

An estimate given by J. Bernoff of Forrester Inc. a year ago indicated that only 16% of online consumers who read corporate blogs actually trust them. I believe that this is absolutely true because corporate blogs that talk about their products are not worth the time required to visit them and read their content. Blogs and especially corporate blogs make sense if they are “usable” and exercise “thought leadership”.
Here are some universal blogging thruths:

• Corporate blogging is not about companies and their products or services it’s about the customers.
• If we are to rise above the crowd our corporate blog should be about the customer’s problems.

• If we can bring value to our present and potential customers by talking to them about their problems and needs, then they’ll become loyal visitors to our blog.
• If our offering is known and liked, then we can mobilize those loyal customers with our blog. As a result:our customers are gradually organized into an interest group with common agendas, then we can encourage them to connect, through our blog , with one another and create a “snowball effect” in our favour.
• If the corporate blog is B2B, it should not be written by a communication expert. The only way to do it is to involve the marketing and sales staff who are in a position to understand the customers’ needs. Only then will our customers participate in the dialogue and trust the content of the blog.

In conclusion:
Standing out from the crowd becomes a very difficult job and those companies that shamelessly blog about their products and services are just adding water to the mill of those who argue that corporate blogs cannot be trusted.
On the other hand, honest and transparent blogs that address the customers needs will definitely attract appreciation and awareness.

Original post via D. G. Mavros

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